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A few things we’re great at

  • A commitment to innovation and excellence

  • Professional Integrity and transparency

  • A commitment to open discourse and the free exchange of ideas

  • Continuous improvement and refinement

  • The passionate drive for success


Live Trading Floor

Broadcast live from our office in the City of London, our innovative software allows you to follow our professional traders as they trade live in the markets.


Daily Video Insights

As a resolution, we have created a product that provides the part-time trader with an opportunity to profit from the highs and lows of the markets with a minimal investment of time.


Trading Tools

Morning Straddle
Fibonacci Strategy
The Session Colours
DTR Calculator


Trading Academy

We have devised a 3 module programme of courses which can be combined in numerous ways, to provide a clear path into the role of a Professional Foreign Exchange (FX) Trader.

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